magic bullet vs nutribullet

Nutri Bullet Blender vs. Magic Bullet Blender

Are you looking for that optimum blending experience? Do these names Nutribullet and Magic bullet ring a bell? Well if they ring bells in you then you are familiar with the best blenders in town.

The Nutribullet and the Magic bullet have pretty much dominated the market of blenders for a very long time. One must say that they are the go-to blenders of people who want their food, vegetables, fruits, etc. emulsified or blended. However, though the both of them have dominated the market, I must admit it is confusing which choose between the two.

Hence, there is a need for us to compare them in order to objectify our choice. Therefore, we will compare them here for their blending performance.

Protein Shakes

When both blenders were tested to emulsify protein powder with milk, both had fantastic results. The produce was clear, there were no chunks, and both of them emulsified smoothly the protein powder. Thus if you are looking to make protein shakes you can have both the Nutribullet and Magic Bullet do your protein shakes.

Milk Shakes

When both blenders were put to the test to compare which of the two makes a better Milk Shake, well the results vary. The Magic Bullet during the emulsification process struggled to blend 1 cup of ice cream and milk, while the Nutribullet just streamlined the whole blending process. However, the results were surprising, because the Magic Bullet produced a smooth Milk Shake, while the Nutribullet produced a flurried Milk Shake.

Thus if you want a smooth Milk Shake blended for you, you choose the Magic Bullet, while if you want a flurry choose Nutribullet.

Vegetable and Fruits

In this last contention, both blenders were put to the test which of the two makes a better Fruit/Vegetable shake. When the whole blending process was initiated, the Magic Bullet struggled to emulsify the fruits and vegetables, while the Nutribullet had an easy time blending the fruits and vegetables. When it was done the Magic Bullet had a chunky Fruit/Vegetable shake, which meant that the Magic Bullet failed to produce the ideal Fruit/Vegetable Shake. On the other hand, the Nutribullet was able to produce the desired Fruit/Vegetable shake, there were no chunks found and only a smooth Fruit/Vegetable shake was produced.

Thus if you want to emulsify fruits and vegetables or even food to some extent you better choose the Nutribullet over the Magic Bullet.

Final Verdict

Both the blenders in this magic bullet vs nutribullet challenge were terrific to use! I mean there is a reason why the both of them have dominated in the market of blenders. But, if you want an all-around blender which can emulsify anything you better choose the Nutribullet. The Nutribullet has a stronger blending power over Magic Bullet, which means if you want all your blending needs satisfied the Nutribullet is just right for you. However, the downside of the Nutribullet is that it is much more expensive than the Magic Bullet.

The Magicbullet, on the other hand, is able to blend also anything but to a degree, and it is understandable, because of its price. The Magicbullet is much cheaper than the Nutribullet that is why it is good to consider that if you want a cheap blender you choose Magic Bullet but if you want a raw and powerful blender you choose the Nutribullet. Both are good to use but you choose which of the two answers your blending needs.

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Texas Superfood Product Review

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The product was first introduced as a super greens capsule and powder in the year 2014 by Dr. Dennis Black, the director of Nuplexa Group. The product is sold on the official website and Amazon sites at a price ranging from $58.00-$60.00 for a 30-day supply. It has 100% essential natural ingredients.

About the product

It assists healing process, nourishes the digestive system, and it boosts alkalinity in the body systems. The product offers intensive nourishment for all bodily functions on a cellular level and body organs. It is raw, vegan, and assists you to formulate natural energy. Texas Superfood is free from animal products, GMOs, dairy products, excipients, gluten, fillers, and artificial food preservatives.

Details of Texas Superfood

  • UPC: 767674574830 019372526568
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  • The product has been ranged as one of Amazon Best Sellers: 80,543 in Health and Household Supplementary Products.
  • Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, visit its official website.

Taste and Value

Texas Superfood powder and capsule does not taste too awful and this is really surprising because of low sugar content. Its label suggests mixing the powder with water but if you are a beginner to this product do not tolerate its taste. Instead, mix the powder with pure fruit juice or your favorite organic extracts. In order to make it more enjoyable, just mix it with pure fruit juice.

Keep in mind the sugar level and do not negate the health benefits of this product simply by consuming any fruit juice. The product is very tasty compared to other weight-loss supplementary products. To know if the Texas superfoods is right choice for you, spend some time reading product reviews.

In Terms of Its Value

A bottle of Texas Superfood Powder has 180grams of powder and according to its label serve by using a full teaspoon. This is due to the fact the experts are aware that a teaspoon approximately 5 grams and its label clearly indicates that there are more than 55 servings (almost 60-65 teaspoons).

But if it's total weight is 180 grams and a teaspoon is 5 grams. By dividing 5 grams into the 180 grams you automatically get 36 servings. This leads to confusion because the label states that by using one scoop which is approximately 2 teaspoons. It adds up to lOgrams per serving. Thus, by dividing lOgrams into 180grams you get a maximum number of 18 serving. It offers an exceptional value of your money.

Other Important Purchasing Tips

You are guaranteed a return policy. The 30-Day empty Bottle Satisfaction Guarantee enables you to test a product for 30 days. If there are any complications or you are unsatisfied with the product within these 30 days, you may simply return an EMPTY container purposely for Store Credit. You are to pay minimal shipping and handling charges.

If the product is properly sealed, you are guaranteed to be refunded the full amount, but you will pay less shipping and handling charges. Be advised that the only option you can get your money back is by not using the product.


In modern days individuals should remain health conscience, Texas SuperFood delivers absolute value to their customers. This product is dedicated on the competitive market, relatively affordable, under-delivering green drink and the products have has scientifically proven facts.

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Nutribullet or Magic Bullet? Texas Superfood Product Review